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Gramota App v1.0
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Gramota App v1.0 submitted to Apple. Coming soon! Approved! :-)

Gramota App

Gramota App - Alexander Mishagin

Gramota is a small free app for Russian language learners and for everyone who wants to know how to write a word in Russian. The app supports history and spell-checking with mask ('*' and '?' substitution supported). App displays all information about Russian words: correct pronunciation, stress, cases/conjugations, etymology, meaning. The app uses wiktionary.org and gramota.ru sites.

What spelling is correct for a word?
One solid word or two words: 'натощак' or 'на тощак'? Check - 'на*тощак'! Use hyphen or not: 'как-бы' or 'как бы' or 'какбы'? Check - 'как*бы'! What letter should be used: 'приДти' or 'приЙти'? Check - 'при?ти'! What syllables are stressed: 'дОговор' or 'договОр'? Check - 'договор'! What does 'настропалить' mean? Check - 'настропалить'!

    Key features:
  • Spell-check with '*' and '?' substitution. '*' means any number of any characters. '?' means any character. Example: for 'м?л?ко' answer will be 'молоко'.

  • Word pronunciation/stress/cases/conjunctions/etymology/meaning.

  • Expand clippings.

  • History. App stores all checked words/phrases. The base version of app shows 300 latest words/phrases. See also 'In-App Purchase'.

  • Advertisement in 'Clippings' view only, see screenshot. See also 'In-App Purchase'.

  • In-App Purchase: remove advertisement, show all history, additional dictionaries (antonyms, synonyms, dictionary of russian names, dictionary of linguistic terms)

  • iOS 3.1 is supported. iOS 4 tested. iOS 5 beta 7 tested.

See details about app.

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